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Last updated on 2020-07-08
Terreport App works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android tablet & smartphone.

Device Type OS Browser(s)
PC Windows 10+ Chrome 73+ & Latest Edge
Mac macOS 10.13(High Sierra) + Chrome 73+
Android phone / tablet Android 7 + Chrome 73+
iPhone / iPad iOS 13+ / iPadOS 13+ Safari
You can click on the Install Terreport button when it shows up on the Terreport Dashboard.

You can also install manually by following the below steps.

OS Instruction
Windows 10
  1. Open Terreport website in Chrome 73+.
  2. Sign in to Terreport.
  3. Go to Settings (look for icon on a Chrome browser).
  4. Choose "Install Terreport..." option.
  1. Open Terreport website in Chrome 73+.
  2. Sign in to Terreport.
  3. Go to Settings (look for icon on a Chrome browser).
  4. Choose "Install Terreport..." option.
  1. Open Terreport website in Chrome 73+.
  2. Sign in to Terreport.
  3. Go to Settings (look for icon on a Chrome browser).
  4. Choose "Add to Homescreen" option.
  1. Open Terreport website in iOS Safari.
  2. Sign in to Terreport.
  3. Tab on the iOS Share button, and tab "Add to Homescreen".
No. Terreport is a Progressive Web App that works on all modern devices. Use your web browser to visit terreport.com on any device and simply log in.
Terreport recommends the latest Google Chrome, but Terreport also works well on all modern internet browsers.
Terreport is a progressive web app, which means you can still complete your inspection when your device is offline. Simply sync the data back to Terreport when you have Internet connection again.
Progressive Web Apps bring the best of Native apps and Web apps together. At its heart, a Progressive Web App is just a web application that uses progressive enhancement and has new capabilities that are enabled in modern browsers. Using service workers and a web app manifest, Terreport is reliable and installable. PWA is what enables users of Terreport to work seamlessly offline.
Yes. Terreport is really free. There are no monthly, annual, or per report fees charge. Keep you credit card in your wallet!
No. There is no advertising at all in your App.
All you need is your own Google or Microsoft account to create an account in Terreport. Simply sign into Terreport using your own Google / Microsoft account. If you don't have a Google or Microsoft account here are some links to how you can create one for yourself.

Create a Google accountCreate a Microsoft account
No, there's no difference between Google and Microsoft accounts. You will get the best report writing system from Terreport with either Google or Microsoft.
Terreport publishes a separate home & lifestyle magazine called "Yardgrass & Co". All our advertisers are displayed in this magazine.
Yes, you can turn off sync functions for the cloud drive/contact syncs on the account settings page. However - this means you will only be able to access old inspection reports within your Terreport account. Turning on the sync fucntion, especially for your cloud drive, means that you keep your own copy of final reports.
Terreport doesn't allow a user to change his/her email, as each email is linked to a corresponding cloud service provider. You can still use a different email for your work email that will be shown to your clients. Your sign in email won't be visible to anyone else.
You can close your account on your account settings page. Please keep in mind that all of your account data like inspection report PDFs will be permanently deleted from Terreport as well when you close your account.
Terreport doesn't recommend sharing of your Google/Microsoft account with others, but it's up to you to decide and make decisions. Terreport is not reponsible for any security & privacy issues due to sharing of an account.
No. There is no advertising at all in your App. Terreport won't advertise to you nor your clients, and we won't mess with your data.
Forever! Terreport Premium will always remain free for professional home inspectors.
Yes. Terreport is hosted on the Amazon Web Services Cloud with high level security protections.
Yes. A copy of all inspection reports are saved on the AWS cloud servers, and we also sync a copy to your personal Google or Microsoft Drive for long term safekeeping.
No! Terreport never gives, sells or otherwise provides access to client or property data to any third party unless instructed to by the client or the inspector. As such every inspectors data is secure and always held in strict privacy.
Yes. Terreport does not share data with third parties. However, your selected cloud account (Google / Microsoft) and an approved payment processor like Stripe may get your data when you enable cloud drive sync, cloud contact sync, and payment collection method. You can always opt out from using the selected services.
After you publish the report, an email is sent to your client. The client is asked to e-sign to accept the terms of the inspection. After it is signed, the client will be able to view and download the report. You are notified by email after your client has signed for the published report.

In addition, you can track the process from your Terreport account. Go to the Dashboard of the inspection Report & Documents Click on the magnifying glass see the timeline of the inspection and its activities.
Your client will get a web report first, and he/she will also be able to download the report in PDF as well.
Each inspection has an inspection dashboard.

From the inspection dashboard you can:
  1. View the inspection information, client & referral information, service payment status, and report & document(s) status.
  2. Quick links to inspection information edit page, report builder page, and the report publish page.
  3. Quick glance at the driving time & distance from your location to the inspection location, provided by Google Maps.
The Terreport Report Builder is structured in a hierarchical format. For example "Roof" is a Section; "Flashings" is a Sub-Section and and observations or details about flashings can be described using a card.
Terreport will automatically promt you to choose whether you wish to work online or offline. After you click offline - The Terreport Report Builder will stop accessing your wifi or mobile data connection. This means all your notes, observations, cards and photos are saved directed to your device.

When you are finished with your offline report, you should click "Sync to Server" so that you can move the inspection data off of your device and into your Terreport account. Syncing can take few minutes depending on your Internet connection status & the number of photos you have added to the inspection.
Inspection Type Instruction
New A system template is loaded by default. If you would like to use your own report template, please follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Report Templates (Create your own report template if you haven't created one yet).
  2. Click on "Actions" button of the report template you want to use, and click on "View/Edit".
  3. Click on "Actions" button on the report template view page, and select "Set as an Offline Template"
In-Progress Inspection You can download an in-progress inspection to your device so that you can continue working regardless of the device's connection status.

  1. Go to an Inspection Dashboard of an inspection that you would like to download.
  2. Click on "Actions" button on the report template view page, and select "Set as an Offline Inspection"
Please note that a modification of the online inspection that you've downloaded will be disabled to prevent data discrepancy.
Go to "Templates" which is on the left menu if you are on desktop, then "Report Template". Then click on the Action Button on the lower right corner. Then "Add a Report Template", then create a new name for your new template and choose the exsisting template you want to use.
When you are within the Report Builder, click on the red Action Button on the lower left > Manage Sections. Then simply add any sections you would like. To modify or add Sub-Sections, first select the "Edit" button beside the Section you wish to work within. Then simply add any new Sub-Section headers you wish. You can also adjust the order of Sections and Sub-Sections by drag and drop.
Click on the "Edit Card" button > Choose Card Type on left hand side > Create Drop down or Check box options
Flagged cards will appear after the Inspection Summary and before the Detailed Report. This ensures clients can quickly and easily review important items as deemed by you.
Simply click on the "Status" dropdown and choose "Deficiencies". Other status options are: Inspected, Not Inspected and Not Present.
Go to "Actions" bottom right hand corner > Manage Sections > Click the Edit button of any Section > Input your Limitations or Disclaimers in the text box.
Click on the "Edit Card" button > add, modify or delete any Drop Down or Check Box options.
Yes, you can add Report Templates or Document Templates. From your account click on "Templates" and choose between Report Templates or Document Templates. Click on the Actions button to add a new one.
Yes, you can include an electronic signature option when you create a document template. Your client will be able to either sign or type a signature right within your document.
This means the document is sent to your client as soon as you create a new inspection. If you want to make this selection for the invoice, make sure you have checked the boxes to select your fees.
This means the document will not to sent automatically. When you are ready to send it, go to the Inspection Dashboard > click the magnifying glass of the document > Click on "Send Manually". This action will send the document to your client.
This means the document is sent to your client once you have published your report.
While you are on the document template edit page (Templates / Document Templates / Add New or Edit), go to the document card.

You will see a dropdown called "Merge Tag" on the document editor toolbar. Place the merge tag anywhere you see fit.
Go to Templates / Document Templates / Actions Button / Add a Document Template.

Add a title to your new document and select whether you want to get an electronic signature from your client or not. Then copy your exsisting Inspection Agreement and disclaimers into the "Document Contents" text editor. Note that you can add merge tags here to auto populate information related to an inspection.
Yes. Just publish your new website from your website settings page within the Terreport App.
No. Free Hosting is included in your free Terreport account.
You are notified via email when a client completes a Request for an Inspection form. From your email you can click to confirm the date of the request. You will be taken to your Terreport account and the client information will be pre-populated in a Book an Inspection page.

If you click save, the inspection date and time is confirmed and the client will recieve a confirmation email.
Go to your account settings page, and scroll down to the "Service Rate Settings" card. You can add your services and your fees here.

After you've set your fees, these options will be available to choose from when you start your next inspection. Just check the fee you want to include and select how you want to get paid.
You can modify the existing service price or add a new service fee(s) that's only applicable to the specific inspection on the "Inspection Information" page.
Go to the Inspection Dashboard of the inspection you are working on. Then click the magnifying glass from the "Payment(s)" card.
Go to "Templates / Document Templates / Action Button / Add a Document Template".

Then add title to your document and select whether you want to get an electronic signature from your client or not. From the "Merge Tag" dropdown, you can insert invoice related data fields. Once completed, click save from the Actions Button.
Yes. Simply sign up for Stripe, a global leading platform in online transactions. Terreport is integrated with Stripe so your clients can pay you with all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and Amex.
Your Stripe API keys are always available in your Stripe Dashboard. Simply log in and make sure your Stripe account is activated. Then enter in both the Publishable Key and Secret Key in your Terreport account > Settings
Terreport does not charge our users any fees for using the Terreport System. However, Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Please visit https://stripe.com/pricing for more information.
Sign up for your Stripe account by visiting https://dashboard.stripe.com/register.